Bored or Lazy?


I came across an interesting post today on a blog called “Fevered Mutterings” entitled You’re Bored? That’s SO AWESOME. Naturally that caught my eye, the very title oozed of snappy sarcasm and smart-alecky commentary. But it also got me to thinking as I read further, how many times I say that I am bored. BORED?! How can I really be bored when there are so many things that I always say I want to do, but conveniently never have time for. The majority of the time I say “I am bored” I am really just being lazy, unmotivated, and difficult. I dream about having time to read books, learn new things, do crafts, train harder, cook better meals, etc. But never seem to have the time for it, but I often find myself with the time to say I am bored….I may not have the ability to do some of those things while sitting at my desk blankly staring at a computer screen. But why not watch a TED talk, research an artist, or read the news because god knows I am pretty ignorant when it comes to current events. So in response, I decided to make a short list of goals that I want to accomplish instead of being bored in the next week, here goes:

-Watch a TED talk on either Paleo/Crossfit/Nutrition

-Listen to a Robb Wolf podcast

-Listen to 5 new musical artists

-Read 3 Chapters in my new book (Moonwalking with Einstein)

-Call someone I haven’t talked to in a long time

-Go somewhere new in my city (Seattle)

-Go Climbing

-Give 100% in WOD 1 of the Crossfit Open!

It’s amazing what a little intelligent sarcasm and a list of awesome resources to occupy my time makes me think about! I’ll let you know the results of my inspiration in a week! This is going to be fun 🙂

What are some things you want to accomplish instead of being bored?

Check out the original post that inspired me, there is a pretty awesome list of things to check out!

You’re Bored? That’s so AWESOME.


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